Cetaceans watching and boat trip to Ceuta

The experience is unique:  to sail in a Yacht across The Strait of Gibraltar, in one of the most important maritime route in the world, you will contemplate two continents; Europe and Africa. These waters, deep from 300 to 900 meters, are an important migratory path of cetaceans moving between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea and of many migratory birds.

Weather conditions are very peculiar in this area. Local topography canalizes winds, causing high wind speed reaching 40 or 50 knots close to the rock of Gibraltar. 20 kilometres further, the wind completely weakens and can even be null.

This Tour is the perfect answer to the question; “What to do in Tarifa when the Levante blows?” Our boat can leave from Algeciras or Tarifa, depending on your choice and the weather conditions.



From Tarifa port, we head to Punta Cires, the narrowest point in the Strait of Gibraltar. There, we will meet several cetacean species like Stripped and Common Dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Pilot whales, Sperm whales, Fin whales, Orcas and occasionally Humpback whales or Risso’s dolphins.  Always depending on the season, we might also see Moon fish, Tunas, Hammerhead sharks or Swordfish.

In early spring and autumn, it is possible to witness the birds’ migration in the Natural Reserve of the Strait. This is one of the great advantages to cross the Strait by boat. It is considered one of the best birdwatching spots in the world. You can observe many species; Great skua, Pomarine jeager, Northern gannet, Cory’s shearwater, Balearic Shearwater, Black tern, European storm-petrel, Common tern, Razorbills, Puffins and many soaring birds following their migratory course across the Strait . These movements occur twice a year; in spring from south to north, to their breeding areas and the opposite in autumn, after the breeding time.

Our route continues from Punta Cires to Ceuta and Isla Perejil, a small uninhabited island located 200 meters from the African coast and 8 km northeast from Ceuta. You will now discover Monte Musa, a 839 m promontory, situated in northern Morocco in the Strait coastline. We finally end the journey and dock in the Ceuta marina.

Once in Ceuta, we suggest several options:

1-Cultural route to visit: the Royal walls of Ceuta, the Shrine of Our Lady of Africa, the monument to the Fallen in the African War, the Cathedral of St Mary of the Assumption, the Palace of the assembly, the Late roman Basilica, the Legion museum, Ceuta museum and the Arab baths.

2-Enjoy a relaxing day and bathe in the Mediterranean maritime park. 56.000 Sq m of salted blue lakes, waterfalls, palm shrouded solariums and a large selection of culinary delights.

3-Enjoy the excellent gastronomic offer in the market hall and the restaurants.

To satisfy the most discerning palates, the market hall offers a great variety of fishes and seafood (from both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic) in different dishes. The salted fish is one of the exquisite specialities of Ceuta, Bonitos and Flying fishes drying in the sun by the sea. Last but not least the Tapeo, highlight of the gastronomic offer, delicious tapas and pinchos served in various bars and inns.


The meeting point is in the Real Club Náutico in Algeciras. We will sail along the bay of Algeciras, with stunning views of Gibraltar and Punta Carnero. During this boat trip to Ceuta, you will observe Common or Stripped dolphins, residents in these waters and other kind of cetaceans like Sperm whales and Fin whales.  When the Levante blows in Tarifa, this route is a very good option.

Reservation requirements: complete prior payment (we ask no guarantee). The Skipper will determine if the weather conditions allow the navigation. In case of adverse weather, we will propose an alternative day. Where this is not possible, the payment shall be refunded. The cancelation with refund is possible only in the event of a cancelation by the Skipper for weather impediment.

General Information


All year.



Complete Day (8 horas)



2.000 eur (VAT included)



Binoculars and guide on board



10:30 AM  (depending on weather conditions)





Tarifa port or Algeciras Real Club Náutico



Aperitif and non-alcoholic drinks on board

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