Always in the front row

Sailing the seas in search of its large inhabitants and doing it on a comfortable yacht is undoubtedly a way to enjoy sightings in the Strait and its natural environment.

A peculiar and difficult navigation area due to its characteristics of sea and wind, where we will show you the simplicity and spectacular nature of seeing its fauna in freedom. oh! and without missing a single detail, always from the front row ?

The beginnings of this adventure

MARINA BLUE was born in 2017. It was born as a response to our own conviction that it was possible to provide an exclusive service and closer attention to those who wanted to get to know the Natural Park of the Strait from the sea. Unite quality, knowledge and know-how. Offer a product away from massive and impersonal offers.

We are a family business with the desire to complete the tourist offer in the area and to collaborate with the development and greater knowledge of the natural environment that surrounds us. Our daughter Marina, alma mater of the company has been sailing since before she was born and is our great inspiration and motivation.

All together, like the trident of our logo, we have learned to love and enjoy the ocean and its inhabitants as a family. And so we want to continue for many years, sharing and dedicating our greatest time to promoting and caring for nature. We will wait for you!

A much more personal and close way to discover and experience the Strait. A vision of integration with nature without domination or power. Being one more in it, capturing all the purity of being animals in freedom of an infinite ocean.

Hours of admiration and passion for what surrounds us. For conscientiously preserving it for future generations and for those who want to contribute their bit in its conservation. This is what we want to transmit through MARINA BLUE experiences.

A 10-seater yacht that has high safety features and ample space to move. The comfort, accessibility and safety of our boat are one more ingredient in the experiences we offer from MARINA BLUE.

With this and with the best team, we have created a new company of tourist experiences. Where we offer you boat rental services with a specialized skipper, professional or research maritime excursions, private charter and much more. Availability to operate from the ports of Sotogrande, Alcaidesa, Algeciras, Tarifa and Barbate.

The environment

  • The strait. We see the richness of the fauna and flora of the Parque Natural del Estrecho from the sea as a WHOLE. From our boat and with our crew we will do everything possible to show it to you in its purest form. With its seasonal variants, throughout the year and accompanying the migrations of cetaceans and birds that use the Strait of Gibraltar as an obligatory passage.
  • We are committed to quality and sustainable tourism. We humbly contribute to the revitalization of quality and sustainable tourism in the Campo de Gibraltar. We include departures from locations with fewer active tourism activities at sea, such as Algeciras or Barbate. We want to be a benchmark for work throughout the year, promoting less crowded and more specialized tourism.
  • Accessible tourism. Nature is life and everyone without exception has the right to enjoy it. For the design and performance of our activities we have taken into account the possibility of caring for people with some physical or intellectual disability. That is why our boat is adapted for accessibility for people with reduced mobility and additionally, according to needs, we have specialized health personnel.
  • The values that move us are respect for nature, accessibility to leisure opportunities and a passion for environmental education and culture.

Aurelio Morales

Patron-guide and Co-founder

Our Patron Aurelio has more than 18 years of experience in sighting boats in the Strait. A true expert in locating cetaceans. Navigation in this environment is not easy, which requires a deep knowledge of its winds and tides as well as all its geographical peculiarities.

From 2008 to 2011, he was skipper of the Ministry of the Environment ship assigned to the area. During those five years he collaborated in tasks as diverse as carrying out censuses of cetacean and bird populations, studies of the seabed, surveillance of the natural park and even the release of turtles.

This double experience has given him extra knowledge and appreciation of the environmental richness of the Strait. It is now thanks to Marina Blue, where she will have the opportunity to share with you all his admiration for this marine environment.

Gema Conde

Manager and Co-founder

Gema is a world ‘perota’. Originally from Álora, a small town in Málaga, it can be said that it is a mixture of Sciences and Letters, North and South, sea and mountains.

One of his passions is traveling. And he has already done it on the 5 continents and in a very special way. Working on NGO projects in India, Brazil, Ethiopia, Israel/Palestine and Tibet.

Marina Blue is her dream. Combine work with family and passion for the sea and nature. For her, Marina Blue is “more than meets the eye” because of her defense of her and her respect for all forms of life that share this world with us.

Cristina Rodríguez

Communication & Much+

Cristina is the youngest in a family of 8 siblings. The closest thing she was to the sea as a child were those endless days of bathing and sunbathing on the Matalascañas beach.

A fan of outdoor activities, the sea and the mountains have always represented a challenge for her. A great respect to her strength and her greatness.

It is the gentle, caring voice in all of our digital media and communications.

Jaime González


Jaime has a Diploma in Nautical Sciences and has the Professional Qualification of First Class Pilot of the Merchant Navy.

His life is synonymous with adventure and the sea. At the age of 26, she undertook her first transoceanic sailing, in which he spent 6 months crossing the Pacific.

Since then he has continued sailing oceans and specializing in the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Dedicated to international boat transport, it collaborates with Marina Blue on its sighting trips.

Aurelio Morales obtained a subsidy through EMPRENTUR for the Regional Sport and Tourism Ministry and the EU, supported by the European Regional Development Fund, for the creation of the cetacean watching and charter yacht tourism company

More details

The MIAMITA, our yacht

Our beloved MIAMITA is an ASTINOR 12.75 LX ‘EXCLUSIVE’. An exclusive version of the Astinor 12.75 lx (great high-altitude cruiser from the Astinor shipyard in Galicia) with unique features and equipment. Featuring a deluxe interior finish, custom glazed cherry furniture, reinforced hull, and bilge keels for added stability.


  • Length 12.75
  • Sleeve 4.25
  • Strut 2.10
  • GRT 24.09
  • Yanmar 2 x 440 hp diesel engine
  • Cruising speed: 15 knots
  • Maximum speed: 25 knots

360º terrace




Swim platform

Comfort seats