Yacht excursion to Bolonia Beach and Baelo Claudia

This excursion is surely the most beautiful along the Cadiz coast and the Strait Natural Park. Bolonia is famous for its golden beaches and transparent waters; an unspoiled natural site that has been chosen to be part of the 10 best beaches in the world.

Bolonia beach extends from the Dune to the north (declared Natural Monument in 2011) and Punta Morena in the south (where we can find the famous natural pools in the rocks). During this tour and from the Yacht, you will closely observe the amazing coastal scenery; the pines grove and the Mediterranean scrub. It is essential, to make the most of this tour, to climb the dune and enjoy the incredible view of the inlet.

Fishes and molluscs are abundant in this exceptional natural area, which is also home to a specific mammal, hiding among rushes and reeds on the shore; the Otter. In this area also concentrate birds migrating across the Strait: they take some rest right here before starting their journey.  Soaring birds come back to their place of origin in springtime for breeding. In autumn we can witness the opposite phenomenon; birds fly off from North to South.

From land, bird watchers can observe and photograph Sanderlings, Ringed and Kentish plover in their breeding environment.  Grey heron, Glossy ibis; Audouin’s gull and Grey plover. Numerous rapacious, like Eagles, Black kites, Falcons and Egyptian vultures.

From the 2nd century BC, the ancient city of Baelo Claudia, perfect example of roman urbanization, dominated the cove. It was very prosperous thanks to Tuna fishing, salting and the production of Garum (Tuna Fish Paste). Today, the remains of Baelo Clauda city are remarquably well preserved; the site, unspoiled by visual or noise contamination, will undoubtedly transport you in another time.

Put it altogether; it is an invitation to feel, to experiment and to get away from tensions, in a natural and historical place. Be sure of it; this journey through time and nature will mark a before and an after.

Make the most of this experience from an unprecedented point of view; in small group only -up to 10 persons- from the sea, enjoying the comfort of a luxury Yacht. Sail in complete security, accompanied by one of the most experienced guide and skipper in the Strait.

We leave the port of Tarifa and sail along the island and the famous Los Lances beach with a length of 7.250 meters y 120 width, until we reach Punta Paloma and Valdevaqueros dune where the strong winds of Levante gather the sand. From here, you will enjoy a magnificent view of the Strait;  the African coasts and Tarifa coastal mountain range, rio Jara y de la Vega y el Arroyo Salado. Let’s continue our boat tour, sailing along amazing hidden coves until we arrive to the natural pools of Bolonia, renowned for its natural mud and nudist areas.

The trip continues and we finally arrive to the Bolonia inlet, 3000 meters of unspoiled nature.

Our voyage stops shortly before the end of Bolonia beach (el Ancon) and its huge sand dune (of great ecological importance), allowing you to catch outstanding views of the surroundings, including the roman ruins of Baelo Claudia.

Enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters.

Reservation requirements: complete prior payment (we ask no guarantee). The Skipper will determine if the weather conditions allow the navigation. In case of adverse weather, we will propose an alternative day. Where this is not possible, the payment shall be refunded. The cancelation with refund is possible only in the event of a cancelation by the Skipper for weather impediment.

General Information


All year long

Sea bathing: Summer



4 hours



150 € adults

75€ children up to 13



Information sheet and binoculars



Morning: 10:00 am

Afternoon: 17:00 pm



Tarifa Port.



Aperitif and non-alcoholic drinks on board . IMPORTANT: suspended due to Covid 19, is not allowed.



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