Our Excursions


Whale watching and Wildlife in the Strait of Gibraltar

In the Strait of Gibraltar, more than 7 cetacean species gather, in addition to many other fish and bird species resident or migrating.

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Boat tour in Baelo Claudia and Bolonia

Golden beaches, crystal-clear waters and centuries of history… It is real; discover Bolonia and the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia.

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Killer Whale from Barbate

You can observe Killer whales in the Cadiz coast; these extraordinary and mighty animals seek us, searching for a large prey. Will you dare to meet them?

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Tour in Algeciras Bay

Algeciras Bay is rich with history and hidden natural beauties. We want to share it with you, come on board!

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Cetacean watching and excursion in Ceuta

From Tarifa or Algeciras, we take you on board to another continent, crossing waters full of marine life. The city of Ceuta awaits you by the other side of the Strait.

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Boat renting

You have a specific idea for your tour? You can rent our boat. Contact us to obtain all the information.

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You have a specific idea for your tour?

In MARINA BLUE we are open to your proposals. If you have not found the tour you dream of, talk to us and plant us. It is possible that together we can make it a reality.