A pair of hours, a day...You choose!

foto de delfin con top ventas de Marina Blue Avistamientos Tarifa

Dolphin and Whale watching Tour (2 hours)

Up to 7 different species of cetaceans. Common calderones, sperm whales, dolphins listed, whales

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In search of the Killer whales (3 hours) ONLY SUMMER

Every year the same family visits us, recognizes them for their unmistakable and unique dorsal fins.

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foto con vistas desde el yate de marina blue Avistamientos Tarifa

Yacht excursion to Bolonia (4 hours)

Golden beaches, crystal-clear waters and centuries of history.

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foto de Gema en proa Marina Blue Avistamientos Tarifa

Morocco and Ceuta

A trip to another continent, a door to other

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Works & events for Companies

We take care of the maritime issues,
you and your team, the rest.

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Imagen yate de Marina Blue Avistamientos

Yacht rental

Something really exclusive and private.
Total freedom for work, hobby or enjoyment.

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Doubts with any excursion?

We do it really different.
Schedules, port of departure, special catering service on board