In search of the killer whales


In search the greatest predators of the sea, the killer whales.
Three-hour tour in comfort yacht, price per person.

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Three hours of free sailing on the yacht to go in search of the greatest predators of the sea.

Our dear friend Mario Morcillo believed in this idea, he studied and shared his passion. Mario Morcillo taught us that there is no need to travel as far as Patagonia or New Zealand to observe killer whales. We learned to know and love those waters, just like he did, like the Phoenicians did, like the Orcas do.

A magical point between Europe and Africa with only 14 km away. Browse privately away from crowds and stress.

The purchase of this ticket has no associated date or time. The client must contact us to join any of the scheduled departures, regardless of the time of the year.

In no case can we ensure the number of species or specimens that we will see at each exit, although in 100% of our tours we have seen at least one species of cetacean.

Each season of the year has its most characteristic species, but NATURE is always free to show itself or not.

Resident species (all year):

Common Calderón, bottlenose dolphin, listed dolphin and common dolphin

Semi-resident species (summer):

Sperm whales and killer whales

Migratory species:

Common Rorcual

This activity can be carried out throughout the year. And these passages have no expiration date.

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