Sea Bathing Tour / Boat Tour in Algeciras Bay

The hidden history and beauty of Algeciras Bay is little-known. The Nature Park of the Strait begins in Punta San Gracia, only at a 10 min distance from the Algeciras Real Club Náutico.

Continuing towards Getares beach, we find the old Whaling Factory, created by Norwegians in 1920 and closed in 1927. This place now abandoned, is a living testimony of what should never have happened and a lesson for the next generations. According to 1923 archives from the Marine Ministry, in just one year’s time, the Spanish Whaling company killed 595 Whales and 47 Sperm Whales between Gibraltar and Cape Esparel (Morocco). In six years’ time, 3.609 Fin Whales and 345 Sperm Whales were slaughtered. Almost all the Cetaceans in the area were annihilated and the Company closed. 20 years later in 1950, the Cetacean population had recovered and the Whaling Company reopened, until the resources were gone again, obliging the Company to close its doors in the early 60’s.

As we continue our boat trip, we will pass the Punta Carnero Lighthouse, built in 1864 to illuminate the entry of the Algeciras Bay at Bajo de la Perla. Then from the sea, we see the Isla Cabrita, favourite nesting site of the Yellow-legged gull.

During this crossing, we might meet several species like Dolphins, Turtles, Tunas, birds such as seagulls, Common terns, cormorant, Razorbills, Northern Gannets and birds migrating to or from Africa.

Our excursion will end in Cala Arena. Many local people consider it a magic place, where proud parents take their children to discover the hidden treasure; wonderful crystal-clear waters and turquoise sea bottom. This site is difficult to access by land; it can only be reached with a guide.

Cala Arena is the perfect place for a swimming in clear waters and snorkelling. This hidden gem is ideal to rest and enjoy a relaxing moment with an aperitif.

Maybe on our return journey nature will bless us with an amazing sunset illuminating Gibraltar and Africa.

Boat Tour in Algeciras Bay Itinerary

  • Real Club Náutico Algeciras
  • Algeciras Bay: Stripped and common dolphins watch
  • Punta San Gracia
  • Getares old Whaling Factory
  • Punta Carnero
  • Isla Cabrita
  • Cala Arena: Sea Bathing
  • Dársena del Saladillo

Reservation requirements: complete prior payment (we ask no guarantee). The Skipper will determine if the weather conditions allow the navigation. In case of adverse weather, we will propose an alternative day. Where this is not possible, the payment shall be refunded. The cancelation with refund is possible only in the event of a cancelation by the Skipper for weather impediment.

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Port availability: Tarifa, Algeciras, La Alcaidesa, Sotogrande or Barbate.



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