One day, we came up with the idea of dreaming, just like mi daughter Marina does; with illusion and passion. One day, we believed that the dream could come true: to share with many others our way to see and feel the Strait. That day, the heart of what should become Marina Blue began to beat.

The Strait of Gibraltar is a privileged environment composed of protected areas (at sea and on land). We know of the beauty and the life of the Strait of Gibraltar. We know how to sail, where and when, to make the best of the treasures offered by the sea and the wildlife. We have been spending years learning to know the sea and its inhabitants. During that time we have also witnessed the progressive increase of tourism (both quantitatively and qualitatively), its new demands and concerns.

What if we are the ones who listen to these wishes and offer wildlife watching from a luxury boat? What if we design the excursions everyone is desirous to do when they discover this natural paradise? Why not? Why has it not occurred to anyone yet? Mmmm, sounds like a good challenge, doesn’t it?

More than a diversion or a touristic activity, the wildlife diversity is a WHOLE that deserves to be explained and respected. That is the reason why we dreamt of extending the existing whale and bird watching offer to a new concept: respectful Wildlife watching in harmony with the natural environment.

Our family business dream is now born and along with our small groups of passengers, we are determined to expand our family; the nature lovers. Welcome on board!